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Philadelphia Phillies Get Their Center Fielder, Await Michael Young

December 7th, 2012 at 12:57 PM
By Andrew Waltz

The Philadelphia Phillies have their center fielder. You don't know this, because I've been missing in action over the past few weeks, but I thought it would be Shane Victorino. It turns out that Ruben Amaro Jr. had some different idea. He sent Vance Worley and right-handed pitching prospect Trevor Mays to the the Minnesota Twins to acquire center fielder Ben Revere. I will admit that, at first, I wasn't happy when I heard about the trade. Worley has been, at the very least, a consistent guy in an aging pitching rotation and Mays had his upsides.

Then, I took a look at Revere's numbers and watched some tape. As it turns out, he's not too shabby. Some in the organization think that Revere can be a younger version of Micahel Bourn. "I think he's a similar type of player," Amaro Jr. said. "He doesn't have much power. He's much more of a singles hitter. He's not going to drive the ball consistently. But the defense and speed were important to us, particularly at that position. We felt like this would be a good, solid, controllable acquisition for us."

Revere will be approaching his 25th birthday when opening day rolls around, and he'll be standing in center field. Over the past three years, he's put together some impressive stats for such a young player: .278 (275 for 989)/.319/.323, 22 2B, 11 3B, 0 HR, 74 SB. While his batting average and on-base percentage could use some work, his speed makes him a threat to be the leadoff hitter on opening day.

'Michael Young' photo (c) 2009, Keith Allison - license:

In other news, the Phillies are waiting on Texas Rangers infielder Michael Young to accept a trade to the Philly. As most of you are (painfully) aware, the Phillies are without a third baseman going into the 2013 season. Michael Young is scheduled to make $16 million in 2013, and according to Jon Heyman, the Rangers could eat up to $10 million of it. Young has obviously not been himself since his great 2011 campaign, but the Phillies are hoping to get him back near those numbers.

Young has played the majority of his career at second base and shortstop and scouts are unsure if he can play a full season at third. They said the same thing about the American League MVP, too, though. Miguel Cabrera and Young aren't the same player, but if Young approves the deal, we'll find out if they can both play third base.

It is unclear who the Phillies included in the proposed deal, but it probably won't be a significant piece. With Worley gone, prospects are the more likely trade pieces. We'll be back throughout the week to keep you posted.

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