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Can Ben Revere Lead Philadelphia Phillies?

February 28th, 2013 at 12:27 AM
By Andrew Waltz


Jimmy Rollins has been the leadoff hitter for the Philadelphia Phillies for quite some time. I don’t think he should be. He’s never hit .300 in a season and he’s got enough power to be moved to a lower spot – maybe the seven hole – in the lineup.

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Ben Revere is new to the Phillies, but a lot of people, including me, think that he’s better suited for the leadoff spot. He’s got great speed and his upside at the plate is sky-high. Minnesota Twins manager Ron Garenhire was asked what he thought about Revere hitting in the one hole and said, “Well, it depends. He’s a .300 hitter. He didn’t walk a lot. He didn’t take a lot of pitches. But the kid can put the barrel on it. He finds different ways to get on, whether it’s dropping a drag bunt, he outruns balls.”

That’s the most important thing Phils fans! He finds a way to get on. His upside is higher than Rollins at the leadoff spot, and Manuel has to know that. Opening Day is getting closer by the minute and fans and reporters will start to demand answers from Manuel on his lineup. He probably won’t be giving us any.


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