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One day these losses will be worth it: Rangers 8, Phillies 4

May 18th, 2017 at 6:17 PM
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There is a day in the future, most likely years away, where we’ll look back on games like this and know that they were worth it. We’ll look back at the outsized scores and spare a wincing laugh when we remember the pain and frustration. We’ll throw out names like Ty Kelly and Mark Leiter Jr. and say “Remember those guys?” the same way we do with Laynce Nix and Michael Young now. But more than anything, one day down the road we’ll know that enduring all of this was worth it because these losses birthed a better Phillies team. We’ll watch them win close games and tough games and come-from-behind games, we’ll watch them make ridiculous plays and turn in brilliant pitching performances and lock down saves like they were born to do it. That Phillies team is in our future, and though it sucks so, so hard right now, one day this will all be worth it.

That doesn’t change the fact that this game was absolutely awful. They lost to the Rangers 8-4, and it was abysmal and depressing. It was a fitting capper to this entire shit-sucking series.

This loss mostly falls on the shoulders of the pitching, Pivetta had an outing where he gave up zero runs while he was in the game (he left with one on base, but we’ll get to that later), but threw 107 pitches over 4.2 innings. He was one out short of qualifying for his first win, and even came back with a strikeout after walking the second batter of the inning, but Pete Mackanin took him out and put in Joely Rodriguez. And Rodriguez was just garbage. I want to find a way to sugarcoat it, but I can’t. He gave up five runs in the fifth, one …

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