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I’m already tired of the 2017 Phillies

May 19th, 2017 at 9:52 AM
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Thursday is when I watch my daughter alone, no day care, no babysitters, no family for hundreds of miles. It’s just me and her every Thursday.

Yesterday the Phillies met the Rangers for a day game at Rangers Ballpark. Great, right? Since it’s sweltering hot outside, she and I can play while the Phillies game entertains us in the background.

But as 2 p.m. approached yesterday, and I switched on the television, I groaned. “I kinda don’t want to watch,” I said. Which, from a distance, might sound ridiculous. I mean, prospect Nick Pivetta is on the mound. Aaron Altherr has been hitting well. Tommy Joseph and Cameron Rupp have had good months of May. There are tons of great reasons to watch the Phillies, from Odubel Herrera to Maikel Franco, from Cesar Hernandez to Freddy Galvis â?¦

No. Actually there aren’t. Not right now. And maybe not for a while.

This isn’t good. It’s not good when a lifetime rabid Phillies fan is already groaning about *having* to watch the team in mid-May. The Phillies are 14-24, third worst record in baseball, and while some of that is luck, and a lot of that is late-game implosions, it’s really, really hard to keep telling yourself that while the team loses another, and another, and another.

It’s easy to point to Pete Mackanin’s bad bullpen usage, like staying with Joely Rodriguez (ERA 6.97 now) when he’s throwing deep counts and fooling nobody, or not …

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